Robert Mugabe longtime Zimbabwe leader dies at 95

first_imgHarare: Robert Mugabe, the longtime leader of Zimbabwe who was forced to resign in 2017 after a military takeover, has died.His successor Emmerson Mnangagwa confirmed Mugabe’s death in a tweet Friday, mourning him as an “icon of liberation”.Mugabe was a former guerrilla chief who took power after the end of white minority rule in 1980 and presided over a country whose early promise was eroded by economic turmoil and human rights violations.While Mugabe blamed Zimbabwe’s economic problems on Western sanctions and once said he wanted to rule for life, growing discontent about the country’s leadership prompted a military intervention, impeachment proceedings and large street demonstrations.On February 21, 2018, Mugabe marked his first birthday since his resignation in near solitude, far from the lavish affair of past years.last_img read more

Alberta Holocaust denier guilty of inciting hatred in German court

first_imgA former federal Green party candidate has been convicted in Germany of inciting hatred by publishing videos that denied the Holocaust.Monika Schaefer of Jasper, Alta., was in Germany visiting family when she was arrested in January on charges of “incitement of the people.”B’nai Brith Canada, a Jewish service organization, said she has been sentenced to 10 months.“We commend the German justice system for effectively dealing with a blatant manifestation of anti-Semitism,” Michael Mostyn, chief executive officer of B’nai Brith Canada, said Friday in a release.“Holocaust denial is once again on the rise, but this important court decision should help deter others from engaging in racist and hateful rhetoric.”Schaefer ran unsuccessfully for the Green party in Alberta’s Yellowhead riding in 2006, 2008 and 2011. The party rejected her candidacy in 2015.The following year she appeared in a YouTube video denying the Holocaust, which prompted the Green party to publicly condemn her views.In the 2016 video Schaefer called the Holocaust the most “pernicious and persistent lie in all of history” and described concentration camps as “work camps” that did not have gas chambers.The Holocaust is one of the most documented atrocities of the 20th century. The Nazi regime murdered about six million Jewish people and targeted other groups including the Roma, people with disabilities and gay people.Germany has strict laws against anti-Semitism and hate propaganda.Mostyn said Monika Schaefer’s brother, Alfred Schaefer, received a sentence of three years and two months on similar charges.“B’nai Brith will aggressively continue to combat anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and all forms of bigotry and racism,” Mostyn said.last_img read more

Tokyos TICAD Ministerial Meeting Japan Says It Doesnt Recognize Polisario

Rabat – Japan’s foreign minister, Taro Kono, has slammed Polisario at the 7th ministerial meeting of Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD).The Japanese foreign minister stressed that his country does not recognize Polisario as a state.Kono held bilateral meetings with African foreign ministers to further develop relationships with African countries. The meeting is being held October 6-7 in Tokyo. “Even if a group which claims itself as a state which Japan does not recognize was sitting in this room, this fact does not mean that Japan, in any way, implicitly or explicitly recognize it as a state,” Kono said o fthe ministerial meeting.Kano further stressed that any flag “other than that of African Union, co-host organization, or Japan” was not allowed in the meeting room.“Any one who disrupts order may be asked to leave the room,” he concluded his speech.Japan’s government co-organized the TICAD ministerial meeting with the UN, the UN Development Program (UNDP), the World Bank, and the African Union Commission (AUC).The main objectives of the meeting are “to review the progress of measures announced at TICAD V and VI at the ministerial level,” according to a statement by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.During the previous TICAD ministerial meeting, the Japanese foreign minister condemned Mozambique’s attempt to give a seat to Polisario at TICAD’s follow-up meeting, held August 24-25, 2017, in Maputo, Mozambique.Kono expressed “his deep regrets about the incident and the confusion during the opening session of TICAD ministerial meeting” during talks with Moroccan foreign minister Nasser Bourita.Japan’s position is a huge setback to the Polisario, whose leaders have long sought to use the African Union as a cover to gain international recognition. read more

Morocco Closes More Unlicensed Justice and Spirituality Headquarters

Rabat – Moroccan administrative authorities have decided to close the headquarters of the banned Justice and Spirituality, or Al Adl wa Al Ihssan movement, in the cities of Fez, Tangier, and El Jadida,  a source told Morocco World News.The source said the closures, carried out on Wednesday,  comes in response to the movement’s violations of zoning laws regulating urbanism and public spaces.Earlier this month, administration authorities shut down several unlicensed headquarters used by the Justice and Spirituality movement for secret meetings in several cities, including Inezgane, Kenitra, and Casablanca. Read Also: Moroccan Authorities Close ‘Justice and Spirituality’ Unlicensed HeadquartersThe movement’s “secret meetings” in the unlicensed facilities violate Law 12-90 on urbanism.The law makes it illegal to use a residence as a public place for meetings.People who violate the law may be subject to a fine ranging between MAD 10,000 and MAD 100,000.The banned movement also violated Law  1-58-377, which stipulates that the organizers of public meetings should send a statement with the time, location, and purpose of the meeting to the local government administration.Administrative authorities have accused the movement of redesigning some of the places as mosques, which is illegal without a permission from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.Al Adl wa Al Ihssane movement was founded in the 1980s by Sheikh Abdessalam Yassine, a former teacher and the late spiritual guide of the group.The Islamist movement has been banned from political activities because of what the government calls its antagonistic approach towards the Moroccan government. read more

Colombia UN agencies hand out emergency food to isolated indigenous groups

WFP provided 14 tons of food aid by boat last week to some 1,000 people – who mostly belong to the Guyabero or Nukak Maku indigenous groups – living in four villages along the Guaviare River after a request from UNHCR, the refugee agency’s spokesperson Ron Redmond told reporters today in Geneva.The area, so remote that it is only accessible by river, is disputed territory and rumours of imminent conflict between Government forces and armed groups have sparked widespread panic among local communities.Hundreds of people have recently fled, Mr. Redmond said, sometimes walking for days through local forests. One settlement, Puerto Alvira, has lost about 75 per cent of its estimated population of 3,000 people. A shortage of gasoline has also brought boat transport to a standstill.“Those who have stayed are now virtually cut off from the rest of the world,” Mr. Redmond noted. “Food is not getting through. The very little that is available is extremely expensive. Mission members also noted an acute shortage of medication, with no available means to evacuate the sick in an emergency.”Aside from UNHCR and WFP, the local church, the Colombian Ministry for Social Welfare and representatives of the ombudsman’s office took part in the mission, distributing basic hygiene kits and school materials donated by the local municipality.The two UN agencies are also starting several projects in the area, such as establishing a school restaurant and running welfare programmes for the elderly and young children.Decades of conflict and strife in Colombia have displaced at least 2.4 million people, and the country’s 80 different indigenous groups – who together comprise about two per cent of the national population – are disproportionately represented in those statistics. 22 April 2008The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the World Food Programme (WFP) have started distributing emergency aid to several indigenous communities in east-central Colombia living in an isolated area being disputed by Government forces and irregular armed groups. read more

UN human rights agency disappointed with new Swiss restrictions on asylum

Despite a falling number of asylum applications, restrictive legislation being adopted by Switzerland could make access by genuine refugees to the country exceedingly difficult, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said in a statement today.“This provision is amongst the strictest in Europe, UNHCR Spokesperson Ron Redmond told a briefing in Geneva today. “We are concerned that …this law could result in some deserving cases being denied access to international protection,” he added, noting the new need for valid travel or identity documents.“We should not forget that people trying to enter a country without documentation may have valid reasons to do so,” he said. “It is often not possible for people fleeing for their lives to obtain such documents,” he said, adding that the UNHCR has repeatedly voiced its concerns relating to this type of asylum restriction.The legislation is not consistent with the rights of refugees to enter without travel documents outlined in the 1951 UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, to which Switzerland was an early signatory.While acknowledging that governments do have the right to control migration flows, Mr. Redmond said the UNHCR will work with the Swiss Government to develop a “fair and effective asylum system.” Equally disappointing Mr. Redmond said, the Swiss legislation also voted down protection for individuals who though not applying for refugee status, might be fleeing serious harm from an ongoing conflict, making the country out of lockstep with European standards. Last year there were 14,000 asylum applications to the country, which was 32 per cent lower than in 2003. So far, in 2005 there have only been 4,700 applications, 44 per cent lower than the same period last year, the agency said. read more

Threat posed by chemical weapons remains serious global concern says Ban

“I once again emphasize the fundamental responsibility of the Syrian Government to ensure the safety and security of any such stockpiles. The use of such weapons would be an outrageous crime with dire consequences,” Mr. Ban told reporters at UN Headquarters in New York.Syria is one of eight States that are not yet party to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), which bans the use and stockpiling of these weapons. The other States are Angola, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Egypt, Israel, Myanmar, Somalia and South Sudan.“The overall threat remains a serious global concern,” Mr. Ban said in his comments, which he delivered prior to the High-level Meeting of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which was created to serve as the treaty’s implementing body.“Chemical weapons simply have no place in the 21st century. Progress in this vital area will help generate momentum to meet our goal of eliminating all weapons of mass destruction. The time has come,” he added.The Convention – which is marking its 15th anniversary this year along with the Organisation – now has 188 States parties. Three-quarters of the world’s declared chemical weapons stockpiles have been eliminated.“This is a remarkable achievement,” Mr. Ban said in his remarks to the High-level Meeting, adding that it is now time to build on these gains and prevent the re-emergence and proliferation of chemical weapons. “The universality of the CWC is indispensable to eliminating an entire category of weapons of mass destruction. I urge the eight States that are not yet party to the Convention to join without delay.”Today’s High-Level Meeting is taking place on the margins of the high-level debate of the General Assembly’s 67th session. read more

Police drug warning as teenager dies after taking Purple Ninja Turtle ecstasy

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Police in Scotland have issued a warning about a new type of ecstasy tablet known as ‘Purple Ninja Turtle’ after a teenager died during a house party.The girl, aged 16, was taken ill at the party at a home in Newtongrange and was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary on Saturday. Police have also raised concerns about a second strain of tablet know as Red Bugatti Veyron.”Inquiries into the circumstances surrounding her death are at a very early stage, however one line of inquiry officers are following is that she may have had access to ecstasy type tablets,” Police Scotland said. “Anyone who has taken these tablets is urged to seek immediate medical attention.”Furthermore, anyone who has access to any of these tablets is strongly urged not to take them.”Police Scotland’s message is clear. There is no safe illegal drug and no safe way to take illegal drugs.”The incident in Scotland underlines a trend which has been causing increasing concern in the UK as the number of ecstasy linked deaths rises.Last year the figure reached an all time high with experts believing this is because the pills’ strength is increasing.The average strength of an ecstasy pill in 2009 was around 20-30mg, by 2014 this had risen to 100 mg.last_img read more

No foul play involved in death of young Waterford man

first_imgA POST MORTEM examination on the body of a 24-year-old man discovered in Waterford in the early hours of this morning has indicated that there was no foul play involved in his death.Gardaí said the autopsy was completed earlier today at Waterford Regional Hospital by State Pathologist Dr Marie Cassidy.The man’s body was found at a house in St Herblain Park at Kilcohan at about 1am. The scene was also preserved for technical examination.A second body was found in Waterford today – that of a woman in her 20s – but Gardaí have confirmed that the two incidents are not connected. Detectives await results from a post mortem in that case.Body of man (24) found in WaterfordWoman’s body found in Waterford Citylast_img

Review HTC Droid DNA is easily the best phone on Verizon Wireless

first_imgMy first smartphone was the HTC G1. About a year later I moved on to the HTC Nexus One. If you had asked me the day after I opened my Nexus One which phone to buy, I would have pointed to anything made by HTC. After the Nexus, I moved to Verizon Wireless and got an HTC Thunderbolt. It was at this point (around Spring 2011) that I realized something was terribly wrong, and I no longer recommended HTC products. I didn’t like their software, I didn’t like their hardware, and as their market share dwindles in the Android ecosystem it is clear that I was not the only one who thought so.On paper the HTC Droid DNA looked like an impressive phone, but I remained unconvinced until I opened the box and looked for myself.Build qualitySome might say that HTC is a little late to the 5-inch phone game, which is funny when you think about the ruckus they caused with the “clown-sized” 4.3-inch Evo. What the Evo lacked had nothing to do with the ability to hold the phone, rather it was missing screen quality. The resolution was far too low to enjoy the larger screen which made everything about the phone look bad. The 5-inch Droid DNA’s 1920×1080 screen delivers quite the opposite experience, but more on that later.Considering the designs that have sported the Droid moniker in the past, you’ll have a hard time finding anything but curves on the DNA. The glass on the front of the phone tapers smoothly to the sides and top, while the whole back arches to meet your hand. Despite being a larger phone, the sides are thin enough to allow a firm grip and still be able to reach the entire screen with your thumb. In fact, the phone is exactly as wide as the Samsung Galaxy S3, though noticeably taller. If you’ve got small hands, this phone will require both of them.A staple in an HTC handset is the textured backing. Sometimes it is a soft touch material, sometimes it is a rough rubbery feel, and sometimes it is a special oxidized coating. The end result is the same: the back of the phone has grip. The matte finish makes it easy to hold the phone, and all it asks for in return is any oils you may have on your fingers. Be prepared to spend time wiping down the back of the phone any time the finger smudges bother you.The Droid DNA is not only comfortable to hold, but feels plenty durable. This feels like a well-built phone.HardwareMuch as they did back with the release of the Nexus One, HTC has filled the DNA with hardware you won’t see in other phones for a little while. A 5-inch 1080p Gorilla Glass 2 coated screen sits on top of a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro clocked at 1.5GHz and 2GB of RAM. Basically, you would be hard-pressed to find a more powerful smartphone right now. Add in the separate 2.5W amp for audio, an inductive charger, a partially water resistant design, and a 2050mAh battery to power it all, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what is going on under the hood.HTC’s camera is just as good as it has been for the last few models. The backlit sensor and ImageSense chip that HTC has been using for a little while now deliver great photos without a lot of work on behalf of the user. As always, you need to turn off the widescreen setting on the phone in order to actually take 8MP photos, but once you do the shots you get are really great. The Droid DNA is the first phone where HTC has made changes to the typical front-facing camera (FFC) as well. The 2.1MP FFC is set in the bezel to take in a wider frame, which makes for a much better video chat experience when it comes to how you hold the phone when chatting.The 16GB of onboard storage is really 11GB, which is really more like 9.5GB after you have installed some basic apps and used the phone for a few days. The only removable slot on the phone is the SIM tray, so if internal storage is something you can’t live without you probably won’t find what you are looking for in the Droid DNA. HTC probably could have saved the user at least 1-2 gigabytes if they had made some of the built-in apps removable, especially the undoubtedly massive HD slasher game that comes with the phone.The phone is sealed, which means no removable battery. Fortunately, the combination of a massive screen and a quad-core processor does not equal absurd battery drain. In fact, after a week of exclusive use the battery consistently lasted 13 hours on LTE and 16 hours on WiFi. For obvious reasons, if you play a lot of games you will find yourself with very little battery life, but otherwise the phone is more the capable of getting you through a whole day.Android users are no strangers to notification lights, but HTC has seen fit to equip the DNA with a pair of them. The usual front light sits nestled in the speaker grill like many other HTC phones, but on the back of the phone next to the camera sits another notification light hidden under the black coating. The lights blink in unison, and go nicely with HTC’s software tools that encourage you to flip the phone on to its back. It’s not a feature I would have ever expected to care about, but I am amazed how appreciative I was of its existence.Finally, the screen. In a world where we call the 326 ppi screen on the iPhone 5 “Retina”, is a phone with a screen one full inch larger and well over a hundred ppi denser over-the-top? Yes and no. If you are watching a movie on your 5-inch 1080p display, that 440 ppi means just about nothing. If anything, it makes the hardware work harder to deliver what is essentially the exact same experience. At that screen size, you really just won’t notice it there. When you are talking about still photos, text, pretty much anything that doesn’t move, you can see the difference if you try.The screen is absolutely stunning, but I’m not convinced anyone would notice when looking at something with 400 or even 380 ppi.SoftwareDespite being based on Android 4.1.1, HTC Sense UI hasn’t changed much in the last year. Since the phone relies on soft touch buttons instead of software buttons, there are still occasional places where you are left with a menu button in awkward places. HTC has done everything they can to not cooperate with things like Google Now, making it so the swipe up gesture found on so many other Android 4.1+ phones doesn’t exist. HTC’s primary focus when it comes to their software has been to create a unique experience that runs on Android. With Sense 4+ it is pretty easy to say that they have succeeded.The UI is filled with a lot of simple flourishes that, when couples with the visual enhancements of Project Butter and the quad-core processor, make the whole phone feel incredibly smooth. Even setting the Droid DNA next to a recent phone like the One X+, the difference in performance is visibly noticeable. Swiping across pages of apps or pages on the homescreen look great, and the way the homescreen wraps back over on itself has been one of my favorite Sense features for a long time. HTC’s personalization tools do a great job of centralizing the customization experience, something most Android phones and iOS sorely lack.Another staple of the HTC lineup is the inclusion of Beats Audio. Recently, HTC has been coupling this software with higher quality audio hardware to deliver a better experience when listening to anything through headphones. For the most part, Beats Audio still just changes the equalizer to be more bass heavy. Depending on the quality of your headphones, your appreciation of the performance offered by Beats Audio will vary. I found that cheaper earbuds and headphones sound great when connected to the Droid DNA, but high end headphones — that are already designed to offer bass — will come back sounding really muddy. Fortunately, event if you turn Beats Audio off the experience is still much greater than with an iPhone 5 or an LG Nexus 4.Included with the Droid DNA is a copy of a game that is, for the moment, exclusive to the handset. Reign of Amira has existed in various forms for the last two years, typically as a technology demo when Qualcomm was showing off the latest developer kit they were working on. Now, it is a game that will soon be available in the Play Store. The game itself is a graphically intense slasher that pushes the hardware inside the DNA to the limit. If you are looking for an hour to kill and are alright with killing half of your battery in the process, the first chapter of this game is a lot of fun.Final thoughtsI feel like HTC really knocked one out of the park with the Droid DNA. For $199 on Verizon Wireless, there is very little that can hold a candle to what this phone offers. When you compare this phone to Google’s Nexus, Samsung’s Galaxy S3, or Motorola’s Razr line, there’s not a single phone that adds up to what you get with the Droid DNA. In HTC’s quest to only make a few “hero” phones instead of releasing a new model every week, it seems like the Droid DNA will be sitting at the top of the Verizon roster for quite a while.last_img read more

Indonésie un drone au service de la lutte contre la déforestation

first_imgIndonésie : un drone au service de la lutte contre la déforestationUn drone pas comme les autres pourraient prochainement servir pour la protection des forêts et lutter contre la déforestation. Cet avion mis au point par des scientifiques écologistes et contrôlé à distance permettait de survoler les arbres et de garder un oeil sur la forêt.Lian Pin Koh, un écologiste à l’ETH de Zürich, et Serge Wich, un biologiste à l’Université de Zurich ont mis au point un drone muni de caméras, de capteurs et d’un GPS pour protéger les forêts de la déforestation, pour cartographier ce grignotage forestier et pour recenser les espèces menacées dans le nord de Sumatra, en Indonésie. “L’objectif principal de ce projet est de développer à faible coût un Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) que chaque biologiste de la conservation dans les tropiques peuvent utiliser pour l’arpentage des forêts et la biodiversité”, a expliqué Lian Pin Koh.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?”Les drones sont déjà utilisés à de nombreuses fins, y compris l’armée, l’agriculture, et même à Hollywood pour le tournage. Mais ils ne sont pas encore couramment utilisés à des fins de conservation”, a-t-il indiqué. Selon lui, c’est le coût de ces appareils, situé entre 7.400 et 37.200 euros qui serait la principale raison de cette sous-utilisation. Pourtant, le premier drone transportable dans un sac à dos de Lian Pin Koh aurait coûté à peine 1.400 euros. De plus, l’appareil est complètement autonome.”Avoir des images de résolution beaucoup plus élevée que de celles de satellites est essentiel pour un tel travail et ceci offre une alternative viable dans des endroits où les coûts de vols en hélicoptère ou en avion sont trop élevés”, a expliqué Stuart Pimm, un écologiste qui dirige la conservation des espèces Saving Species. Koh et Wich ont déjà utilisé le drone dans Aras Napal, à proximité de la zone de conservation Leuser Gunung à Sumatra. Au cours de leurs quatre journées d’essais, le drone a réalisé 30 missions sans connaitre un seul accident. “Le drone a pris des photos des zones où l’exploitation forestière a eu lieu, et les zones où l’huile de palme est plantée juste à côté d’une rivière, ce qui est très dommageable pour l’écosystème du fleuve”, a expliqué Lian Pin Koh cité par le site Mongabay. Le 29 février 2012 à 14:10 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Champions League Bayern to face Real Madrid

first_imgDefending champions Real Madrid will be facing Bayern Munich for the semi-finals of the Champions League, while Liverpool will be playing against AS RomaSky Sports have reported that Los Galaticos will travel to the Allianz Arena for the first leg of their semi-final clash against the recently crowned Bundesliga champions on April 25.Zinedine Zidane will be hoping for a better performance from his side after their near shock elimination against Juventus, despite having held a 3-0 aggregate heading into the second leg last Wednesday.During the second leg, Juventus had three goals unanswered at the Santiago Bernabeu and appeared to be on the verge of producing one of the greatest comebacks in European history. Yet, a late decision by referee Michael Oliver gave Cristiano Ronaldo the chance to save Real from a shock exit with the aggregate score ending with a 4-3 win in their favour.Top 5 Atletico Madrid players to watch in next week’s UCL Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 With the Champions League about to start, we need to start talking about the Top 5 Atletico Madrid players to watch in the competition.Atletico…Meanwhle Bayern overcame a tricky tie against Sevilla with a 2-1 aggregate. Although the Andalusian side did become the first team to have prevented Jupp Heynckes’ side from scoring in the competition at home in 22 matches.While Liverpool will host Roma for the first leg of their semi-final at Anfield on April 24 with Jurgen Klopp’s men likely to be wary of another stunning comeback from the Serie A side, that saw Barcelona being eliminated.Semi-Final Draw (April 24/25 – May 1/2)Liverpool v Roma Bayern Munich v Real Madridlast_img read more

Arnautovic ready to honour his contract with West Ham

first_imgMarko Arnautovic has been heavily linked with a possible move to Manchester United but the player himself claimed that he doesn’t know about such a transfer and he is ready to fulfil his contract with the Hammers.Arnautovic failed to make it to the World Cup with Austria but he claimed that there have been no negotiations about his transfer – and he cares only about his health and his current contract with West Ham United.The Austria international spoke about his situation as he said, according to 101 Great Goals:“I am happy with my job. Whatever happens, will happen. I’ve never heard anything.”harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…“Even three weeks ago I haven’t heard anything. That’s why I cannot say anything about it.”“The only thing that bothers me is that I am in good health and that I am able to play football.”“I have a contract at West Ham, that’s all we have to talk about.”last_img read more

Soy Growers Respond to USDAs Request for Input on Biotech Disclosure Law

first_imgThe American Soybean Association (ASA), along with other members of the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food (CFSAF), submitted comments last week to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in response to the questions that were posted online regarding the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard.ASA and CFSAF will continue to engage with the administration as the process moves forward.ASA submitted additional comments on topics of significant importance to the soybean industry. The comments advocate for USDA to adopt 5 percent as the threshold of bioengineered substance present to trigger mandatory disclosure and emphasized the purpose of the law is to establish a marketing mechanism, not a food safety standard. Further comments urged USDA to adhere to the statutory definition of bioengineering, which requires labeling of foods that “contain genetic material that has been modifies through in vitro recombinant deoxyribonucleaicacid (DNA) techniques.”USDA is reviewing stakeholder input and is expected to propose a rule this fall, followed by a public comment period and subsequent changes. The congressionally mandated deadline to finalize the rule is July 2018.last_img read more

Teladoc to acquire Best Doctors

first_imgTelehealth platform organisation Teladoc has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire medical consultation organisation Best Doctors.US-based health technology organisation Teladoc, which delivers virtual care access via its technology platform, will utilise Best Doctors’ network of medical experts and patient-decision support to offer a suite of online care options. Teladoc also plans to use the acquisition to develop and deploy a global expansion plan, designed to meet a broader spectrum of care needs for those outside of the US.The acquisition aims to achieve a single, connected, virtual method of addressing healthcare issues to improve outcomes and reduce costs.Peter McClennen (pictured, right), chief executive officer at Best Doctors, will continue in the new business as president of the Best Doctors division at Teladoc.Jason Gorevic (pictured, left), chief executive officer at Teladoc, said: “At Teledoc, our vision has always been to provide the central, trusted source for consumers to find resolution to the broadest array of healthcare needs, on their terms. Now with Best Doctors’ network of world-renowned experts in over 450 specialities, global footprint, and exceptional analytic capabilities, we are taking a monumental step towards making that vision a reality.”McClennen added: “By combining data and analytics with a focus on nothing but the highest standard for care, we’ve successfully created a better way for patients and their families across the globe to get resolution to the most life-changing medical conditions. Now aligned as one greater organisation under Teladoc, the impact we can make together is tremendous, delivering a paradigm shift in care access that comes with a phenomenal patient experience, unprecedented outcomes and cost savings.”last_img read more

Tractor rams into school students escape unhurt in Wanaparthy

first_imgWanaparthy: The students of a school had providential escape on Thursday when a brick-laden tractor crashed into the school compound near Sri Ram Nagar railway station in Atmakur mandal of Wanaparthy district on Thursday.According to eye witness, the heavy loaded tractor with bricks was travelling at a high speed and as it approached the school compound wall, alongside the road, the tractor driver could not control the speed and rammed it into the school building. Also Read – Solve farmers problems, demands Congress in Kamareddy Advertise With Us The steel shed, which was attached to a classroom, was completed damaged, causing heavy loss to the school management. However, as the school children were seated in another class adjacent to the damaged shed, they escaped unhurt and a major catastrophic was averted. It is learnt that the incident occurred due to sheer negligence of the tractor driver as he was driving the loaded tractor at a very high speed. “We have registered a case against the tractor driver and seized the tractor,” informed Atmakur police.last_img read more

4 reasons why FIFAs Sepp Blatter must step down immediately

first_img3. Constant tone-deafnessBlatter, who once said women’s football teams should wear skimpier uniforms to attract more viewers, has often been a textbook case of political incorrectness. Though even his most vocal critics can admit his grandfatherly charm, there has been ample evidence to suggest Blatter is completely unaware of the larger issues surrounding him.In an apparent, but failed, attempt at jest, Blatter once said that any gay fans that go to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar “should refrain from any sexual activities” since homosexuality is outlawed there. At the same time, however, Blatter, has never found words to respond to the country’s use of slaves to build the stadiums and infrastructure for FIFA’s famed tournament. Nor has he taken the time to comment on how many slaves and migrant workers are dying each day under the Qatari heat in preparation for the tournament. The death toll is so high that in May, campaign group PlayFair Qatar estimated that 62 slaves will have died for every World Cup game played in 2022.The British organization’s website says that more than 1,400 migrant workers have died while building infrastructure for the World Cup. Yet Blatter and other top FIFA officials, who could have easily decided to pull out of the country, have done nothing to even protest the continuing deaths. The big, bad wolf has been howling outside Sepp Blatter’s FIFA empire for the past few months, but now the entire foundation around him looks blown away with a mighty wind that hit this week. Not only did the embattled FIFA president’s native country of Switzerland open a criminal investigation into supposed misappropriated contracts signed by Blatter, but now some of the world’smost powerful sponsors have stepped forward to demand the 79-year-old call it quits.When 14 of his fellow executives and business partners were indicted in May on criminal charges by the United States Department of Justice, the earth around Blatter changed for good, even though a few days later Blatter appeared as upbeat and jovial as ever when he was elected to his fifth consecutive presidency atop FIFA. What did it matter, then, that allegations of purchasing votes from member countries again came from the opposition? After all, it seemed wherever Blatter went where a vote or a contract was involved, allegations of corruption followed him.Though he’s been the head of international football since 1998 and led the sport to unprecedented levels of popularity over that time, the widespread and constant claims of corruption are sure to cloud over Blatter’s legacy.In June, Blatter announced that he would resign from his position in February. But now, it seems, the man who has long been considered one of the most influential figures in sports is struggling to last another few days at his job. Here’s why he should leave now:1. Criminal accusationsWhen the Swiss attorney general opened a criminal investigation on Blatter last weekend, it seemed a long time coming. The statement from the attorney general’s office claimed Blatter had signed a suspicious television contract that was very favorable to the Caribbean Football Union, which was headed by former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner. Swiss authorities also accused Blatter of making a “disloyal payment” to Michel Platini, who is the head of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and ran against Blatter in the 2011 FIFA elections.But getting Blatter on these two charges alone would be akin to getting Al Capone on tax evasion. Besides complaints of vote-rigging in every presidential election Blatter participated in, the 2011 decision to give the World Cup to Qatar remains the most powerful accusation levied at Blatter. The richest country in the world still uses slavery and has no football history to speak of, yet it was somehow deemed an acceptable host for the sport’s signature event.In 2011, investigative journalist Phaedra Al-Majid claimed that high-ranking FIFA officials sold their 2022 World Cup votes to Qatari officials for millions of dollars. Al-Majid said she personally witnessed some executive committee members accepting checks from Qatari representatives. A report in 2012 by the Council of Europe said it was “difficult to imagine” that Blatter was ignorant of the alleged purchase of votes for Qatar. In a 2013 testimony, American Chuck Blazer (R) admitted to a New York that he and other FIFA officials accepted bribes during his time as FIFA executive committee member and the head of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF). Fabrice Coffrini/AFP2. Guilty by associationSpeaking of vote buying, which one often does when on the subject of FIFA, the U.S. indictment issued claims in May that Blatter’s former righthand man Warner accepted a $10 million payment in 2004 for voting for South Africa as the World Cup host nation in the 2010 tournament. Chuck Blazer, a former executive committee member-turned-whistleblower, corroborated claims that the votes for South Africa were bought.“I and others on the FIFA executive committee agreed to accept bribes in conjunction with the selection of South Africa as the host nation for the 2010 World Cup,” he told a New York judge in 2013.At the opening ceremony for the 65th FIFA Congress, following the arrests of some of FIFA’s top officials, including Costa Rica’ Eduardo Li, Blatter was forced to acknowledge the mess of allegations that had been spilled before him.“I know many people hold me ultimately responsible for the actions and reputation of the global football community – whether it is a decision for the hosting of the World Cup or a corruption scandal,” he said. “We cannot monitor everyone all of the time. If people want to do wrong, they will also try to hide it. But it must fall to me to bear the responsibility for the reputation and well-being of our organization and to find a way forward to fix things.” Raise your hand if you thought Blatter already resigned.— Grant Wahl (@GrantWahl) October 2, 2015 Coca-Cola y otros patrocinadores de FIFA le exigen a Joseph Blatter “renunciar inmediatamente”— pictoline (@pictoline) October 2, 2015 Facebook Comments 4. Sponsors ultimately pay the billsWith his stubborn insistence on keeping himself in office until February, even while corruption allegations mushroom, Blatter has seemed like the unbeatable boss at the end of a video game. No matter what new tactic arises to dethrone him, like, say, a criminal investigation, Blatter and his team of lawyers have worked hard to keep him atop international football’s governing body.But Friday’s chain of statements from FIFA’s biggest sponsors demanding Blatter’s resignation should ultimately prove to be the final blow. If there’s a language — besides denial — that the FIFA heads speak fluently, it’s money. Its hard to imagine that when sponsors like McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Visa and the maker of the U.S.’s most popular beer threaten to cut off funding to FIFA, that the executive committee would side with a 79-year-old man who was already slated to leave in February rather than the billion-dollar corporations that ultimately give them their six-figure pay checks.Still, Blatter contends that he’s done no wrong. A lawyer for Blatter issued a statement on Friday, saying: “While Coca-Cola is a valued sponsor of FIFA, Mr. Blatter respectfully disagrees with its position and believes firmly that his leaving office now would not be in the best interest of FIFA nor would it advance the process of reform and therefore, he will not resign.”The next few days will prove whether or not those final four words ring true. 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Confirmed Simon Bernardi to replace Rankin

first_imgAs reported by e-Travel Blackboard yesterday, it has now been confirmed that Simon Bernardi will take the reins of Qantas Holidays and head up the Wholesale division of the newly merged Stella Travel Services and Jetset Travelworld Group.“I’m very pleased to have Simon on board,” incoming chief executive of the new company Peter Lacaze told e-Travel Blackboard.“Simon is a very experienced executive.“He has got a real depth and breadth of experience of the industry,” Mr Lacaze said, pointing to a shared history at Qantas Holidays and Mr Bernardi’s 20 year experience with Qantas Airways.Mr Lacaze yesterday afternoon released the management structure of the newly merged company and told e-Travel Blackboard he “was very happy with the management team”. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.Flast_img read more