Brown Builders, new business is launched

January 1, 2021 by admin

first_imgB. Christopher Brown is pleased to announce the launch of Brown Builders Real Estate Investments LLC, a full service real estate investment advisory business with offices in Richmond and Burlington, Vermont. Brown Builders will provide individual investors with the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios by offering a wide selection of professionally acquired and managed commercial real estate products. The advisory services of Brown Builders will cater to both experienced real estate investors who are looking for ways to maximize their portfolio by utilizing a Tenant in Common investment program in a 1031 exchange and to new investors who are looking for ways to participate as passive real estate investors.”Working as a builder/real estate investor for the past twelve years, I’ve come to recognize the importance of owning real estate in a diversified portfolio. Unfortunately, many investors overlook the “fourth asset class” when investing due to associated management responsibilities (toilets, tenants and trash). By focusing exclusively on the real estate market, I’ve identified a variety of passive investment strategies that are designed to maximize tax benefits, generate income and provide capital appreciation.”Investors who are interested in finding out more about building a diversified investment portfolio can visit is external) or call Chris Brown directly at (802) 434-2889.last_img

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