A viral drawing of the grandfather’s grandson takes them to San Mamés

May 14, 2020 by admin

first_imgThe tweet went viral to the point that now LaLiga wanted to reward its ingenuity. and he has also used enormous sharpness, using a format similar to that devised by Juanjo. He has rewarded with two tickets (one for the young student and one for his grandfather) to attend Athletic-Real Madrid in San Mamés, the first weekend of May. There the two protagonists of this story will not have such complicity, since the grandfather is from Madrid and the kid, from Athletic. “When both teams face each other, we have our discussions,” the boy throws humorously.The League, in effect, launched an accomplice tweet about the award: “We have done this so that you go to San Mamés with your grandfather, and we are also proud of the result. Follow these instructions,” reads the statement, in which he is exposed three other steps: “To watch football in San Mamés follow @LaLiga on Twitter. Then you send us a direct message. Finally, we will contact you to live Athletic Club-Real Madrid with your grandfather in San Mamés” . “The grandfather does not stop crying,” Juanjo nods. The message is already for 10,000 retweets and 83,000 likes. Three and a half million visits accumulate. “My parents tell me that this is getting out of hand,” Juanjo laughs. A simple phrase launched by social networks can change a serene and anonymous life. “I have done this so that my grandfather can watch football and I am proud of the result,” it was recently read on Twitter, written by Juanjo, a 20-year-old student who is studying third at journalism at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. He accompanied his longing with a drawing for his grandfather Rufino, 86, to follow the instructions. It was a remote control and a scheme with three simple steps to reach the retransmission: “To watch football you first give it here (rounding‘ source ‘), then, to the down arrow, until it puts HDMI2; and, finally, you hit the center fat button. ” All accompanied with arrows. “Since football is seen on payment platforms, with decoders, it is hard for my grandfather to switch from open channels to others. There was a mess with the two controls. After a thousand attempts to keep the steps, I thought about this system, “the young man tells AS. The fact is that now football is no longer a headache for Rufino. “He loves to watch the games of each day. And now he hits the first one, an ax is made!” Exclaims his grandson.last_img

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